Monday, August 13, 2007

"The Ride to Columbus..."

It was a beautiful day yesterday. There was a nice breeze and it didn't get too hot until later in the day. My 2nd stop along the way had to be next to a cornfield with no shade (due to the mileage and no shade to be found), but as you can see, it worked out very well, because I had finally remembered to put the large beach umbrella in the car, for just such an occasion. :)

The route through Columbus didn't have a park in which to stop for our picnic lunch. In fact, part of the route was under construction, and although it was possible, but not easy, to drive/ride through, and I suggested an alternate route. We took that but again, no parks along it for stopping to eat. Luckily, Don has his GPS on his recumbent and was able to find a park not far from our route. (things like that are labeled on the screen) :)

The park where we picnicked was named "Fireman's City Park". It is a large and quite old park, adjacent to the high school, or at least I think it is the high school since we saw the "Columbus Cardinals" on the football scoreboard. There is a community pool, a playground, and the picnicking area where we ate. The large pavilion, seen in the background, definitely has been there many, many years, but seemed in great shape. It looks to be an old dance pavilion of days past, but still in use today.

Don, in the upper photo, in front of the picnic pavilion, and in the lower photo, with the "Dance Pavilion" in the background.

This was my next to last "refreshment" stop. :), it was closed so we didn't stop in for a "cold one". :) This establishment, "Patches" (food and spirits), is located way out in the country with nothing else much around it. It was my only choice for a shady spot. When I let Copper out of the car, what does she do, but go immediately up on their steps and lie down in the sun!!! It is a good thing that they were closed, eh? :) Who knows, perhaps they would have asked her to join them inside if they had been open. :)

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