Monday, September 2, 2013

"The 5th Annual Traverse City "Summer" Microbrew & Music Festival"

Rob's visit continued with being our guest (in honor of his upcoming birthday) at the Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival (

Here we are patiently waiting in Line #2 to take part in a "favorite home brewers taste test".  This is after Don and Rob had stood in line #1, tasting 8 "home brews" while I sat in the shade and "people watched".  Each line had 8 home brewers who enthusiastically spoke to each of us about what they did to create their "signature beer".  At the end of each line we were asked to vote for our favorite one in that line by placing the small taster cups in a bucket.  I believe that the winners prize in previous years was to have his or her beer featured in one of the microbrew pubs.

Yes, Rob is a "Beer Connoisseur".  Here he is with his "voting cup" letting all those subtle flavors tickle his tastebuds.  ;)  Truthfully, even I, normally not much of a beer drinker, found several that I thought were very, very good.

The "Voting Station"......a set up of 8 containers for each line of home brewers.

Yes, the Grand Traverse Pipes & Drums were featured early in the Festival.......

We also ran into Kristin (whom we met several years ago when renting a condo at The Grand Traverse Commons) and her boyfriend, Jason, along with her brother and his wife.

As you can see, we had beautiful sunny day, ending in this exceptional sunset.  The Festival took place on the front lawn of Grand Traverse Commons.............a couple of its spires silhouetted against the colorful sunset.

As the sun began to sink and the daylight faded, the numerous beer, wine, and cider booths began turning on their lights........

The main stage hosted a variety of music during the entire Festival.  The final group was the world renowned, "Wailers"..........

We had a wonderful time!

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