Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Stacking the Slab Wood...."

I began stacking the truckload of slab wood last week.  After bruising my forearms (old man....thin skin) from stacking the first truckload of firewood, I decided to protect my forearms and bought "football arm pads".  This is the first time in my 63 years that I ever bought any football equipment.  ;)  Of course, I don't wear them as they were intended to be worn, but turn them upside down for cushioning my under forearm.  :)

The stacking begins......moving from one corner brace to the other until the entire vertical space was filled ground to horizontal lean-to brace.  I even began the 2nd section......

And then, the unthinkable happened, but thankfully, not while I was out there stacking.  Don heard a loud crash (I was in the kitchen canning applesauce.....more on that later) and ran out to see what caused the noise and found this.  I get to re-do my 1st stack and this time, hopefully do it better/more stable.  ;)  I will lay some pieces horizontally within the stack to try and build a sturdier base as I continue to build up.  Hopefully, that will solve my instability problem.

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