Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Apple Cinnamon Leather......"

In my 1st attempt at making apple cinnamon leather, I added sugar to my homemade applesauce.  I think it was a mistake because the apple leather was too "sticky" and didn't seem to want to completely dry.

I rolled up the sticky leather and put it in the freezer, although I think I could have set it in the refrigerator as well for it to "firm up".  Why did I want it to firm up you ask?  I was hoping I would be able to handle it easier if it was cold and less sticky.

Cooling it seemed to help a bit.  I took each rolled up tube and cut it into several pieces for individual servings.

Then I set those pieces onto a baking sheet and put them into the freezer so they would freeze individually and not stick together when bagged up.

In making my 2nd batch of apple leather, I cut my apples for the applesauce, boiled the apples down, and added only cinnamon this time, omitting the sugar.

I was much happier with this batch and am sure omitting the sugar was the right thing to do.  I've also read a couple of recipes (yes, I know....after the fact) and they suggest not adding sugar, too.  ;)

There was no need to cool the tubes down this time because they were not sticky like my 1st attempt.  Also, instead of using a knife to cut them into individual servings, I used kitchen scissors, too......MUCH easier.  ;)

I'm not comfortable with just bagging my dehydrated fruit and storing it in a cabinet, but instead bag the dried pieces and put them into the freezer.

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