Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Rob's Last Full Day......"

After the balloons drifted over and Rob awoke, Julie stopped by on her way to a doctors appointment in TC to say hello.  As you can see, I found standing in the sun extremely warm.  ;)

After getting ready for another day of exciting adventures, we drove to "Hofbrau's", in Interlochen, for their famous Sunday Brunch (

Brunch was delicious and we, as usual, we enjoyed it very much.  We recommend it if you are in the Interlochen area on a Sunday morning.  :)

After brunch, we drove up into "Old Mission Peninsula" (  We stopped at the General Store (although no photos were taken), then stopped at "Old Mission Lighthouse" ( where numerous photos were taken. :)

Yes, Rob is a "sun worshipper"......

Don and Rob walked all the way out to where the current water level is......we had been at the lighthouse a few years back before the open winter of 2011 (?) and the following drought that summer.  The water level was MUCH closer to the lighthouse at that time.  Believe it or not, this year it is quite a bit higher than last!  Hopefully, we will get a good amount of snow again this winter, plus rain, to bring the water level back up where it should be.......

While the boys walked out to the waters edge, I stayed at the lighthouse and "people watched", finding a very nice shaded seat at the picnic table.

The water colors were extremely beautiful that day.....

After leaving the lighthouse, we drove back into Traverse City and took Rob to "The Filling Station" (, another one of our favorite places.

Here we are mapping out Rob's drive home via the Upper Peninsula......

We had a wonderful time with Rob.......we hope he finds time to visit again soon.

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