Friday, September 6, 2013

"Saturday Continued....."

Claire brought us a few "tasty treats" from a Chicago sweet shop, called "Candyality" (  Besides a couple of other sweet confections, she saw these and bought them for Don......his all time favorite candy.

After Patrick and I shucked corn, I asked him to be our "master griller" so he began getting the grill ready for heating up the brats.  I'd already boiled them in beer and onions so they only needed to be heated through and have the grill taste added to make them even better.  ;)

While he and I got things going in the kitchen, Abigail went upstairs and sat down at Don's piano. It is a digital player piano so he turned it on and she was delighted!

Of course, she had Aunt Claire close by......

We got the food on the table and all sat down to a "Summertime Feast".   This was our first family gathering at our new house.  The first gathering by anyone for that matter.  ;)

Abigail was quiet, watching and listening to all the family banter.  :)

When the main dishes were cleared and dessert about to be served you can bet that Abigail had already found her way onto Aunt Claire's lap.  ;)  We had brats for everyone but Claire is a vegetarian so of course she was served veggie hot dogs.  ;)

I love this photo!  Can't you just see the mischief behind those eyes?  ;)

Have I mentioned that Abigail adores her Aunt Claire?  ;)

After eating, Abigail went back up to Grandpa Don's "music room", finding this time, his guitar, strumming it like a Bass string instrument.  :)

And the music didn't stop there!  She also added chimes/tones from Don's meditation bowl!  As attracted to musical instruments as Abigail has shown, we all hope she will take will eventually take lessons in her choice of instrument.

This concludes our Saturday family fun.  Patrick, Julie, and Abigail drove up again the following morning to join us for more family photos to come!  ;)

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