Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Cheesy Potato Soup......"

My cousin, Barb, wrote and asked me for my Cheesy Potato Soup recipe.  It sounded good to me, too, so I decided to make some as well.

I peeled and shredded several potatoes (approximately 4 cups), placing them in a pot and covering them with chicken broth.  I tweaked the original recipe by using shredded potatoes, eliminating the need for blending the soup after all the ingredients were in the pot and cooked.  I'm OK with the soup not being a pureed soup.  I think it makes the soup "heartier".   ;)

A large onion was sliced, diced......

And added to the pot.  More chicken broth was added to bring the level of liquid above the potatoes and onion.

Normally, I would add 16 oz. of Valveeta, but all I had on hand was an 8 oz. box.  The 8 oz. of valveeta was cubed and ready to add once the shredded potatoes and onion were cooked tender.  I guess you could say I was making a "lite" cheesy potato soup this time.  :)  I know that processed cheese is not really a desirable thing to put into ones body, but I do love the taste of this soup, and we don't have it very often.  I can "justify" anything, eh?  ;)

Valveeta added and the soup is stirred until the cubes are blended.......

The finished Cheesy Potato Soup.  We enjoyed it for 2 meals so far, with perhaps one more bowl left to eat.  I wonder who will get that?  Perhaps the cook?  ;)

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