Monday, September 23, 2013

"Autumn Clematis......"

We had no idea as to what the vine on our arbor was until it started blooming.  I then took some photos of it and was about to post them on Facebook to ask if anyone could tell me its name, I read one of my Facebook group posts, "The Humble Gardener", and there it was.....Autumn Clematis!

Here is what the poor arbor looked like when we closed on the house in April.  It was partially falling down......

After moving here full time in May, and after getting the inside of the house somewhat settled, I tackled the job of trying to re-assemble it.  I also trimmed out some of the dead vine.

This is what the "mystery vine" looked like a few weeks ago.  Absolutely beautiful!

Thanks to Facebook's group, "The Humble Gardener", we now know the name of this delicate little beauty...."Autumn Clematis".

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