Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Finishing Up the Paula Reds......"

I had some apples leftover from the applesauce and apple slice drying so I decided to make an apple pie.

I must admit, I am pretty proud of my rolled out pie crust........

Don had sent me a link from one of the Bed and Breakfasts in the area, which is known for their pies.  The link included a video on making and rolling out pie crusts.  The pie makers suggestion was to push the entire lower crust against the pie plate, using a fork, to make sure it was firmly attached and would not pull away from the pie plates surface.  I'd never had any problem like that happen before, but figured, what the heck....I'll try it her way and follow her instructions.  Although, I don't believe I will cut off the crust from the edge next time until I have filled and attached the top crust.

My filling for the apple pie......

Covered with the top crust and ready to seal.  This is where I could have used a bit more lower crust to fold together with the upper crust.

Having left over dough and apple slices, I decided to make some apple turnovers, too.

Out of the oven and cooling.

I still had extra apple slices left over, so an apple crisp was next on the agenda.

That turned out pretty good, too.  In fact, we still having it for dessert.......with ice cream, of course!   ;)

Just a little disclaimer here.  Don and I didn't eat everything that I baked.  I sent home the apple turnovers with the 2 guys, Dave and Doug, who were installing our new entry and storm/screen doors. We share nicely in this household.  ;)


Maniphone said...

Looks fabulous! My mouth is watering!!!

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