Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Family Gathering......"

With last weekend being a long holiday weekend, my daughter, Claire, drove up from Chicago on Saturday.  About 15 minutes after she arrived, my oldest son, Patrick, arrived with wife, Julie, and daughter Abigail.  Unfortunately, my youngest son, Sean, was not able to come down from Petoskey, having to work all weekend.  He is a chef at "Chandler's" in Petoskey, and Labor Day is the last "hurrah" of the tourist season.

Abigail had not seen Aunt Claire for quite awhile (a year ago April?), but it didn't take her long to warm up and become best friends once again.  Here they are with Julie going through a book of photographs I was given for my birthday, which "stars" granddaughter Abigail.  ;)

Family member Yoda, came along, too, and was quite intrigued with Sam (Samantha), our parakeet.  He looked but didn't do more than that.   :)

Claire had just gotten back from Cancun, a birthday trip to herself, and brought Abigail a couple of presents.

Before Don took "the girls" for a tour along his newly blazed paths, he took this photo of Patrick and me husking corn.  There "might" be a tiny bit of family resemblance.  A "tiny" bit......

Don took Abigail, Julie, and Claire out to show them "The Chairs" area set up for "Bambi watching".  ;)  Yes, we made sure Abigail has her own special chair.

Mom Julie and Aunt Claire made themselves right at home, too!

Not any doubt that Abigail thinks her Aunt Claire is REAL special, is there?  ;)

To be continued.....

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