Friday, September 20, 2013

"The Taste of Traverse City....."

Last Saturday was the first "Taste of Traverse City" (  We went, being the inquisitive guys we are, plus we thought we should get to know the local restaurants.........and wineries....and breweries.....and distilleries.  ;)

We parked east of the downtown in the parking ramp and walked to the bay front, passing the marina on our way to the event.  I am still and utterly amazed at how clear the water is here!  Here is a photo of  that fact.......keep in mind, this is as far away from the open bay as you can get in the marina, up against the park, and yet, the water is crystal clear!

Having gone to the "Taste of Madison" many times, we thought we knew what to expect.  In a way, we did, but comparing the 2 events is not possible because this is the first one and Madison has had many, many years of hosting the event.  It was much smaller, which is to be expected, but we were somewhat disappointed that there were not more local restaurants participating. There were perhaps 10-12 food booths, and as many or more wineries represented, with a few distilleries and breweries thrown into the mix.  Truthfully, we enjoyed the event but do hope it grows with more local businesses participating.

This is our 1 photo of the event.......the Bloody Mary, made using McClure's Pickles Bloody Mary Mix (, and Grand Traverse Distillery's Vodka (, was delicious!  I did have to go back for another after tasting my 1st one.  ;)

"Taste of Traverse City" was held in the "Open Space", which is the local name for part of the park which runs along the south shore of West Bay.  Another part of that shoreline behind the marina, but still connected to the "Open Space", is Clinch Park.  Clinch Park used to hold a zoo, which is now gone.  There has been quite a bit of construction there for the past few years, redeveloping, yet keeping it a children's park.

Don thoroughly enjoyed our walk back to the car, stopping along the way to "try out" the new playground equipment.  It "HAS TO BE TESTED" to see if it is "safe" for our Granddaughter, Abigail, don'cha know!  ;)

Lucky for Traverse City, all the pieces of equipment that he tested (a few he wasn't able to test due to "kids" being on them), passed his thorough and rigorous inspection.  ;)

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