Friday, August 30, 2013

"Remote Controlled Model Airplane Air Show......"

The next day of Rob's visit, Saturday, we drove over to the Thompsonville Airport to attend a remote controlled model airplane air show.  Pretty amazing to say the least.  Rob and I "parked it" while Don wandered around and took photos.

These 2 planes were in front of us but the main group of planes were further down from us.  Rob and I were sort of on the tail end, so to speak, of the air show set up. Neither one of these planes would be flown during this air show, although they had been scheduled to do so.  The wind was too gusty for them to be flown safely.  The jet (furthest away) was started up and the sound was unbelievable!  DEFINITELY a jet.  :)

Don took many, many photos......

This photo will help you see the range of sizes these remote controlled model airplanes come in.....

In the far background of this photo is Crystal Mountain Ski/Spa Resort.

A better view of the resort.  We drove over to the resort after we left the air show to give Rob a short tour.  Don tried talking him into going on the Alpine Slide (, but Rob declined.  Maybe next time, eh?

And lastly, a decal on a car window of the local remote controlled airplane club, T.R.A.M.P.S."

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