Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Downtown Traverse City......"

After leaving Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, we drove into Traverse City to Sleder's (, one of our favorite places to eat.

Afterwards, I drove us along the bay front, which was when we realized that it was Friday Night Live in Traverse City! ( Each Friday night in August, Traverse City closes down a couple of blocks on Front Street, the main business street of TC, to host a variety of musicians, street entertainers, and food vendors.

Our first stop was to watch was this multi-talented guy singing and playing a variety of instruments.

The crowd around him quickly became larger.......

Not because of our arrival....well....that, too, of course, but because of this......."dancing children"!

They were having the time of their lives and entertaining the crowd!

The 3 of us walked through the event, mingling in the crowd of people who were out to enjoy the beautiful evening as we were and as we walked back towards our car past this musician, the crowd had gotten even larger.  We couldn't see if he had any 'little dancers" in front of him because the crowd was so thick, but a good time was being had by all......and that was all that counts, right?  :)

Tomorrow, Day 2 of Rob's visit......

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