Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"The Little Studio........."

Right now, the little outbuilding, formerly was known as "The Yoga Studio", is being called "The Little Studio", since neither of us does yoga.  Our plan for it is to become a reading room/guest house, or a comfortable area for some personal solitude.  Yes, we know we could do that by taking a walk, too, but work with us here, eh?  ;)

Don started working in and around it the other day, taking a break from doing "stuff" in "the big house".  ;)  When washing the outside of the windows, he dashed away in time from yet another active nest of wasps located under the back window, and luckily, did not get stung.  For some reason, its purpose unknown to us, a shelf had been constructed outside and underneath the back window.  It was made using particle board which is not "weather friendly" so is falling apart and will be removed.  He sprayed and knocked down the wasp nest and it is safe to be out there again.  ;)

Inside, he vacuumed every inch of the ceiling, walls, and floor.  The pieces of carpeting on the floor will be removed when we decide what new floor covering will replace it.  And yes, the mirrors will also be removed.  ;)

The entry door isn't in the best of shape so we've decided to have it replaced, plus add a new screen door to allow more fresh air into the building.  Something has to be done with the inside walls, too, but we've not decided what that will be yet.......all in good time.  ;)


Nan Talley said...

What a nice studio you are going to have!

Carol from MN said...

Mike..... cute little building! another tip from northern MN. My DH is allergic to hornet/bee stings... to deter them from building in our backyard, I take small brown lunch bags, stuff them with a plastic grocery bag, crumpled and balled up lightly to resemble a hornets nets, and then staple gun them near any prior nest sites.... when the hornets return they think someone beat them to it and they do not build..... this has been working perfectly for 4 years! I leave them up year round and if not disturbed only have to replace every other year.