Monday, August 19, 2013

"Finished Stacking......"

Finally.....I finished stacking the truckload of firewood!  It took awhile, but the last few days I have spent more time working at it so we can call and order a load of "slab wood".  Our first load of firewood was "regular" pieces of firewood like most people would think of when they hear the word firewood.  Slab wood is the trimmed pieces from when the loggers begin shaping logs into rectangular pieces, so it is much thinner and most likely will burn much faster.  Our chimney sweep suggested we try burning it in our wood stove so we're going to have both kinds here and compare them to see which we like best.  I sooooo look forward to stacking more wood.  ;)

Remember this?

Here is what that area looks like now.

It took almost the entire width of the garage, 2 rows deep, to stack that pile of firewood.  The following 2 photos show the stacked firewood from both ends of the garage.

In the upper photo, you can see a few pieces (stacked next to the closest vertical support) that are too large for our wood stove and can't be split to fit because they have too many knots or branch growth out of them, so they will make good additions to the fires we eventually have in the fire pit.

I said before that the old saying of "burning wood heats you twice" isn't "quite" true.  It heats you many, many, many more times than twice.  ;)  Its that 2nd heating I really look forward to.......

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