Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Hot Air Balloons......"

This morning, Don and I were out on the deck in the screen room when we heard the "whoosh" of a hot air balloon being filled over at the airport, which is just through the woods from our house.  Don went and got the camera to have it ready to take some photos when it eventually would drift over our house/clearing.  We were not disappointed.  ;)  This is the first time we've seen one this close.  Other times we hear it when it is almost overhead and by the time we get outside with the camera, they are further away.

After this one drifted by, we could hear another one being filled so waited out in the driveway for it to appear.  It did, but not as high as the previous one.  In fact, we were a bit concerned that it wouldn't clear the trees!  It made it by a small amount (probably more than it looked from our angle) but never came close enough to our clearing for a clear photo.  It's path was further East, taking it over Duck Lake.

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Barb said...

Wow! Never a dull moment with you guys! By the way, I am so grateful for your blog posts. It helps me to still feel connected. I'm not commenting as often as previously because I'm learning to use feedly (google reader replacement) on my phone and it's not comment friendly. LOVE all the stuff you are doing with food preservation. I'll be interested to read your account of pressure canning. That's something I haven't attempted to date.