Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Rob's Visit......"

Our friend, and former neighbor, Rob, came to visit us, arriving last Thursday night.  It was so good to see him and the 3 of us had a very good time during his visit.

Our first day of adventure, Friday, began with a drive over and up "Youker Hill", to a fairly new subdivision we wanted to show him that has a terrific view of the area.  In this photo, Rob has behind him Duck Lake and in the far distance, Green Lake.   Our house is on the isthmus between the two of them.

Our next part of the "Grand Tour" was a drive over to Frankfort, which is located on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Here are Rob and Don at Frankfort Beach.  Lake Michigan was quite calm that day.

After stopping at the new micro brewery, "Stormcloud Brewing Company"(http://www.stormcloudbrewing.com), located in downtown Frankfort, we drove up to "Sleeping Bear Dunes" (http://www.sleepingbeardunes.com).  Don and I had not been to the National Park, but had driven nearby, so we, too, were in for a new and wonderful visual experience!  This is the view of Glen Lake from the first "scenic overlook" we pulled over and stopped to get out of the car.  The blues of the water were unbelievable!  Click on any photo to enlarge.....

Driving further into the park, we pulled into a larger parking lot and walked to the scenic overlook.  The parking lot seen in the distance behind Rob's head is the lot for the "Dune Climb".  Above that is the Lake Michigan shoreline with North Manitou Island seen on left.

Here is another view taken which includes both North and South Manitou Islands.

The next "scenic overlook" was right on the shore of Lake Michigan.  After parking and walking through a short wooded area, we came out to this fantastic view!  Don and Rob walked down the hill while I stayed up top to take this photo (yeah, like that is the only reason I stayed up there!)  LOL

Here is another photo taken from the same spot but facing more to the South.

To be continued.......

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Mjenglish1 said...

Awesome pictures, Mike! So beautiful!