Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park Continued....."

A short walk further up the hill from yesterdays photos was this "little scenic overlook", built out and over the dune so that visitors can get a better "feel" of the Lakeshore.......

As you can see, it is quite extensive........

This photo is of where Don and Rob had walked down the dune in the previous post.  They were about where the guy on the left with the camera you can see, it is steeply downhill from there.  ;)

This photo was taken facing North, towards the Manitou Islands.

And this photo, straight down from the overlooks platform.  Believe me, it is MUCH further down than this photo looks.  In reality, the people along the shore looked as small as ants.

On our way back to the car, Don and Rob walked up the opposite side of the path to get a look over the back of the dune.........yet another amazing view.  :)

I took this one of Don because I thought the "design elements" called for it.  ;)

After beginning our drive back towards the entrance of the Park, we made one last stop in the Park at the "scenic overlook" of North Bar Lake.  We think that the small lake used to have an inlet into lake Michigan, but we do not know for sure.

On our way back to Traverse City, I stopped the car near the bridge that crosses the 2 sections of Glen Lake so the boys could take a photo of the "Dune Climb" in the distance.

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More to follow........

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