Friday, August 2, 2013

"Tomato Bonanza....."

Remember that "Tumbling Tom Red" cherry tomato plant that we bought which was loaded with blossoms and tiny green fruit?  If not, here is the link to it. (
Well, those tiny green fruits are ripening at a fast pace, but so far we've managed to keep up eating and enjoying them.

Here is a photo of a "picking" from last week, plus there have been smaller harvests since then, too.  I will be harvesting another large batch today or tomorrow, too, having them ready for snacking on while friends Penny and Sheila, who arrive Sunday, are visiting for a few days.

Here are some photos taken of the plant this morning........

Many, many days of good eating here, eh?   ;)


Jenny Bellairs said...

I regret not planting a few cherry tomato plants this year. They are great for an afternoon snack! Your plant looks wonderful.

Carol from MN said...

Mike...... just pop them on some parchment and into the freezer..... then bag in freezer bags and put them in soup this winter! WORKS GREAT! enjoy!