Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Warm Up #1......."

Wood stacking has stages.  ;)

I had to clean up the area where the new firewood was to be stacked.  It is quite clear the area had been used for that purpose before and has been set up specifically for that purpose.  After raking away the old debris, I began the process of stacking wood.  I truly do not mind this work and find it fulfilling, but the camera has caught facial expressions that do not look like I am having a good time.  I really am!  ;)  Yes, it is work, but work that will bring a lot of joy and comfort come cold weather season.

The documentation began when Don came out to check on me.  I'm sure he is expecting to find me lying on the ground having had a heart attack or stroke one of these days.  Perhaps this wood stacking will help me "melt" some fat off this old body, eh?  It IS great exercise.  ;)

See what I mean about "facial expressions"?

The long sleeved tee shirt and sweats fit like spandex..........OY!

Little by little the stack builds......

Back for another few pieces.  I'd forgotten how heavy firewood can be!  We think quite a few of the pieces are a bit too large for our wood stove, so are thinking about investing in an "electric" wood splitter.  All in good time.....other priorities come first.  :)

I was definitely more flexible after my short time stacking wood.  Perhaps when I can consistently work this activity into my mornings, I will become like I was when I was 55!  LOL

The cold season will be here before we know it, so I'd best get finished with this pile of firewood so we can get another ordered and delivered, eh?  :)

The old saying of "wood warms you twice.....once when you stack it and another when you burn it" isn't really true, but leans toward the real truth.  It warms you MULTIPLE times.....because each time you stack it makes you plenty warm!  LOL

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Jenny Bellairs said...

As cold as it has been at night, I'm surprised you haven't started burning some of that wood!