Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Tasty Tomatoes....."

The other night after eating at Sleder's (, one our favorite places to eat in Traverse City, Don and I, while driving to an errand on the Eastside, happened to see a plant nursery next to the old train depot, which now holds a new brewery, The Filling Station Microbrewery (  Don suggested we pull into the nursery (I think this is a satellite location for this nursery: to look at their hanging flower baskets, and perhaps purchase one for a hook we have out in front of the house.

The nursery had quite a bit to look at and when we saw this "little" hanging basket, we completely forgot why we stopped there in the first place!

Yes, we bought the "Tumbling Tom Red" cherry tomato plant and brought it home, immediately picking and eating some of the delicious fruit!  The plant is loaded!  We didn't realize just how many tomatoes were hidden from view until we began our "picking and eating".  ;)  This little baby is going to need daily watering, probably even twice or more a day with it sitting on the stump next to the deck steps, in full sun.  It is in a good spot for remembering to do so, plus I have a feeling I'll be picking tomatoes pretty regularly.  ;)


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Now how dang clever is that? Better than flowers any day.