Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"That Little Old Homemaker......"

The walk in closet of the main floor bedroom did not have a door to close it off from the bedroom itself, so I decided to buy material and make a curtain for it.

Don and I drove into Traverse City to Joann Fabrics to see what material we could find.  I'd been there earlier, when Don was still in WI, but hadn't seen a print that "called" to me.  ;)

Don found this "up north" print almost as soon as we started looking......after the smart cracks along the lines of possibly leopard prints, etc.  Funny guy, eh?  ;)  It has bear, moose, fish, duck, cattails, acorns, and oak leaves.......a "MANLY" print!  LOL

Not being very experienced with a sewing machine, it took me a good morning to make the curtain, but I was happy with the results.

I had some left over material so I figured I should make a pillow to bring some of the same print into the bedroom itself, so the next day, it was back to Joann Fabrics for poly fiber.

Don, my photographer, was in the house this time during the pillow sewing process and documented it with photos.  I had to use the dining table in the great room for sewing because the area I have envisioned for setting up all of my fiber equipment wasn't ready yet.

The sunlight coming in the window was fantastic to work in..........

I probably did more hemming than I needed to do, but the extra material had 2 hemmed sides and I wanted to make sure everything was "equal" for each side of the pillow, besides, I really need the practice on the machine.  I have a Grace Baby Lock that I bought while in Madison.  It has the regular foot pedal power to control the speed of sewing, but it also has the ability to do all of that by hand, as well, which I, having not been "taught" to sew, plus being more of a "hands on" type personality, gives me more confidence that I am "in control"........yea, I'm know I'm fooling myself, but isn't that what happens sometimes with "confidence"?  ;)

The 2 halves sewn together with a small opening that needed to be sewn shut after I stuffed the pillow with poly fiber.  You may ask, "why so serious"?  Eyesight concentration for small stitching.   These eyes are NOT what they used to be.......

Here is the pillow in its assigned spot.  :)  I thought some of the colors in the print matched pretty well with the colors in the comforter set, too.


dc said...

Love the "manly" print! Goes good with the spread. Good choice. When you sent the last e-mail I think it was from your old e-mail. If you have a new one I shoould use, please send a fresh message. DC

dc said...

Oh, forgot to mention, is that a "bear" in the picture above the chair?? Goes well with the pillow. ROMLMAO

dc said...

Oops that was to be ROFLMAO geech cant spell in capital letters

Bernard said...

Nice post! Great curtains and pillow!!