Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Some Random Photos....."

Don has been quite busy taking photos of many, many things.  Here are a few of them......

Remember that nice little round, rock raised bed where I planted Marigolds and Green Beans?  I wasn't sure if the Green Beans would do very well and now I have my answer.  ;)  Blossoms galore and baby beans in the making.  Don has since "permanently planted" the stepping stone that we received as a gift  from Deblyn (handmade by "herself"), our shirt tail relative via marriage, which we brought with us from Madison.

Here is Copper coming to check out what Don has in his hands, hoping, I'm sure, that it might be something to eat and he would share.....

And speaking of things to eat, I'm not sure exactly why Don took a photo of his breakfast, but I do know he was quite happy with it, so I guess I'm sharing it with you for of that reason.  ;)  By the way, we do not eat breakfast like this on a daily basis.......cereal, oatmeal, or toast is the usual fare.

The lighting from inside versus the coming of night caught his interest.  I'm sure there will be many more like this from different seasons in our future.  :)

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Nan Talley said...

An omlett like that can hold us from brunch well into a late dinner. Just love those days/nights.