Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Don's Been Busy......."

Don is having the time of his life!  While exploring in the woods awhile back, he found 2 old rusty metal chairs out in what he thinks is the corner of our 2 1/2 acre property.  He has just finished making a path to them, lined with downed trees and branches.  The old chairs may be there for now, but we bought a new adirondack chair for him to sit in and relax while watching for "Bambi", who, by the way, came for a late "snack", night before last.  Yes, another motion detector sprinkler head is ordered and I made another set of "tin can/fishline deer alarms".  ;)

But back to Don's path making.  Here is the "entrance" to the path, which is just past our fire pit ring.

In time, we're planning on constructing an arbor from branches to show the entrance to the path.

Another bit of news......yesterday, we took possession of the 2 1/2 acres that our driveway has easement through, so we now own 5 acres.  Don's goal is to have more paths in our acreage and started another one last night.  It going to be very cool!  More to come on his continued path making later.  ;)

Here are some photos showing the paths progression to the chair area.

In the upper right hand corner of the photo below, you can just see a tiny bit of brown through the trees, which is our log house.

You can tell from looking at the first 2 photos showing the entrance area and these next few photos heading back to our clearing in the woods, just how much brighter it is around the house than in the woods.

So as my "Trailblazer" continues with his work (actually it is wonderful play for him), I will post more photos.  Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!

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dc said...

Wonder if the deer will follow your path right to their "snacks"