Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Replacing Yet Another Appliance....."

Well, we decided to replace the old side by side refrigerator with one similar to what we'd bought for the Madison house.  The side by side was just too small, especially the freezer!  I'd had it already filled and the seasonal produce has just gotten started!  To remedy that aspect of "Home Food Preservation", we also bought an upright freezer to put down in the basement which will free up space in the new refrigerators freezer, which is a bottom drawer slide/pull out.

This photo shows everything I had in the old side by side, which totally filled the old refrigerator!  Completely filled it!  We now have extra shelving space plus sections on the door aren't filled......"yet". ;)

I love knowing I can go out and buy more, more, and more!  No, I'm just kidding, but knowing there is room certainly gives a person less anxiety when grocery shopping and not having to think "is this going to fit"?

So far, we've replaced every appliance that came with the house except the dryer.....and that has been making a few "strange" noises, so who knows what will happen, eh?

I just looked back and realized I hadn't posted about the new stove and microwave.  Those got changed out before Don got here.  Here is the "before" with the electric (UGH!) stove.  Neither Don nor I like to cook on electric.....yes, we're spoiled!  ;)

And "after".  Having the "above the range" microwave has freed up the entire counter between the stove and refrigerator.....YEA for more countertop space!  Yes, I have found "things" to use in that space.  ;)

We are still unpacking and re-organizing our home but are at a place now that we feel we can take some time for fun things, too, so are having a nice balance between work and play.

I'd forgotten that today was Saturday until Don came in (he is out in the screen room having coffee and "catching up" with the world on his iPad) and asked in a bewildered voice, "you're blogging today?".  See what happens when both of us are retired?  I no longer remember what day it is as Don isn't going to work (outside the home, that is!).  ;)


julie said...

very nice! you will have to try out the oven by baking some bread!

Barb said...

Love it that you forgot what day it was. I do that all the time, particularly when Geoff isn't working for some reason. The new appliances are great! I'm remembering that we need to get our new range before I attempt any canning. Guess I better get going on that.