Monday, July 1, 2013

"Hot Air Balloon!"

The past few weeks have found me wondering if I was going crazy because I would hear this "whooshing" sound, which I was sure was the sound of a hot air balloon's flame.  I'd look out the window towards where the grass air strip is located through the woods from our house, but never saw anything until last week!  I was not going bonkers.......there is was, almost right outside my window!  I rushed (picture that!) downstairs (I was in the loft writing a blog entry on the desktop), grabbed the camera, and went out onto the deck.  This photo was taken with the hot air balloon almost directly above my head.

A short time later and it was getting harder to see against the brilliant sunrise.

There is something very peaceful about seeing a hot air balloon drift across the sky.  I've not heard nor seen any since.......I hope to again soon.

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