Friday, February 26, 2010

"Felted French Market bag......"

A number of days ago, I posted the beginning of my hand knitting project, the French Market Bag. This pattern, which was written by Polly Outhwaite, I downloaded from the internet.

This was the photo that I posted earlier showing the beginning of the bottom of the bag......around row/round 4 or so.

I later took a photo of the completed bottom of the bag. I had increased from 8 cast on stitches to 200 stitches. Then began plain stockinette stitch knitting until the bag sides were high enough in my estimation (the pattern gives a suggested inch height, but also says add more rows/rounds if a higher bag is desired, which I did). Each vertical inch of knitting will end up approximately 3/4 inch felted.

Here is the completed bag prior to felting.

The final felted French Market Bag. The dark green rows along the bottom were not part of the bottom of the bag that I showed in the earlier photo, but rows knitted after that photo was taken. If I were to have changed colors when I had finished the row where I had increased to 200, the bottom color would not have shown. The directions in the pattern call for 9 more rows to be knitted in the same color after reaching the 200, but I added a few more for good measure.


MollyBeees said...

It's gorgeous. I may have to make me one of those. In purple of course! Have a great weekend!

Maniphone said...

I want one too!

ullash said...

They're all beautiful, Carol.

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