Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Sunday/Valentine's Day......"

Last Sunday dawned bright and beautiful.....a perfect Valentines Day to be out and about.

Don and I started our outing with a stop outside of Sam's home (down the hill from us), where he has been constructing this ice sculpture since the 1st large snowfall back in December, adding to it as new snow falls, packing it on and watering it down. Hopefully, he will achieve his goal before the weather changes to warmer temperatures for good.

Our next stop was at an open house in Highland Woods, a residential development that both of us love. This beauty was a 4 bedroom, free standing home. Yes, I know, why were we looking at something so large? Because it was there! Every condo in that complex has a different floor plan.....we're just being inquisitive!

It has a huge deck off of the kitchen and a very good size screened in porch on the lowest level. It is quite the place!

After our tour of the open house, we drove over to Hilldale to eat at Pasqual's. This was our appetizer, called "Taos Torches". We would HIGHLY recommend them.....DELICIOUS!!!

And my last photo of the day......Copper relaxing in the sun.

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