Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Sock Blank....."

I knitted another sock blank. I have the 2 strand sock blank from last week that still has to be dyed, but decided I wanted to re-measure another "single" strand sock blank, dye it, and knit up a pair of socks from it so that I could measure the rows per inch for sizing another pair of socks using the same yarn. I have measured the yarn before but not after dyeing it, so wanted to get another reading on it.

The following photo is without a flash. Unfortunately, yesterday, when the photo was taken, the sky was overcast and I didn't have good natural sunlight, but using the flash washed out the colors too much, so settled for the "flash-less" one. :) When Don saw the sock blank, he remarked that it looked like the colors on a raku fired piece of pottery. That would be an excellent description of the colors although the photo doesn't show it as I would've hoped.

I knitted another sock blank yesterday and will dye it today. It would have been dyed yesterday but I needed to purchase more white vinegar to use as the mordant to set the dye.

I moved the paint roller cage on the NZAK stand to allow the yarn a more direct vertical feed to the yarn mast. After using it in its previous place for part of the knitted tube, I moved it so I would have an immediate idea as to if it seemed better placed, which I do feel, so it has now found it's permanent home. :)

I will make sure that I take and post photos of the pair of socks I knit from this blank. I plan on knitting them today.........

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MollyBeees said...

I love this! Can't wait to see how it's knit into socks. PS-The Madison Weaver's Guild is having an art show at Hilldale next weekend!