Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"French Market Bag....."

I started knitting a larger piece of work last week. During the day, I "usually" will knit (using the NZAK), weave, or spin, and then have some ongoing piece of hand knitting to work on in the evenings. I've knitted this bag before and like it a lot. I found this pattern on the internet. The base of it will be one of Cascade 220's Heathers, "Forest", and the main body of the bag will be Cascade 220's Heather "Shire". I "think" that I will incorporating some other contrast colors into the bag as well, but have not made any definitely decisions about those yet.

The pattern starts out with 8 cast on stitches, divided evenly onto 4 double point needles (#7's). The pattern sequence then is to increase 8 stitches every other round with a plain knit round in between the increase rounds, continuing this until you have 200 stitches on your needles, which by then, have been transferred onto several circular needle lengths to accommodate the number of needles that are being knit. "WHEW"! Talk about a run on sentence! Even reading it made me breathless!

The following photo shows the beginning of the bag where I have increased 2 times, and have 24 stitches on the 4 needles.

And this is the completed bottom of the bag. Now begins knitting the sides of the bag and where I will make color changes in the design.

More photos to follow as the piece progresses..........

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