Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"First Blossom......"

When we attended Don's family reunion 2 summers ago, one of his cousins had taken that opportunity to have dozens of small "starts" available of a Christmas Cactus that had belonged to their grandmother. The starts were but 1 or 2 sections of the "leaves" that had taken root, and were very small. We brought ours home and set it next to the Aero Garden so that it received 16 hours of light a day, where it thrived. After it had grown larger, we moved it to a place in the front window where it received bright morning light and it has lived there since. It also had been receiving artificial light each night as we have lights on timers in that room, too. I was under the impression that we'd probably never see it bloom because of that. I was proven wrong, a fact of which I am very pleased. :)

Here is Don holding his maternal grandmothers Christmas Cactus with its 1st blossom. His mothers photo is on the wall, so we have 3 generations represented in this photo. :)

A close up of the blossom. Beautiful, isn't it?


MollyBeees said...

That close up shot would make an awesome art quilt!

Janice Zindel said...

Beautiful "Christmas" cactus! Don't we love blooms this time of year? I came home with two African
violets yesterday, no idea why. Now to keep them away from the cats!

yardsnacker said...

Gorgeous! I gave my sister one of those and she had it for a decade! I didn't know they lived that long, very impressive and what a treasure!