Friday, February 5, 2010

"64 Needle Cylinder......"

I thought I should give myself a little more experience with my NZAK and switched out the 72 needle cylinder (which came on the machine already attached) and installed the 64 needle cylinder. And what better beginners experience to have than to knit a "set up bonnet"? I knit up 2 of them and also hemmed them right away on the sewing machine to keep them from unraveling.

I had knitted several on the 72 needle cylinder and wasn't at all thrilled to see them unravel so easily, so went back and hemmed each one, and in a couple of instances, adding some knitted tubing to them to gain a decent length again. I figured I would just go ahead and hem these immediately and not ever have to worry about it again.

After switching out the cylinders, I had also added quite a bit of lubricant, too, thus the spots of oil and smudges on the set up bonnets.

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