Monday, February 1, 2010

"No Photos Today....."

Unfortunately, we haven't taken many photos this past week, so there isn't any visual for this post .

Practice with the CSM continues and I have been trying several things that have been suggested by fellow CSMer's and FINALLY was able to knit a heel with some of the acrylic yarn and didn't have the yarn break. Actually I was able to knit a heel a couple of times with the yarn, so now know the earlier breaking was due to "my" error (as I suspected).

I also tried some "mock ribbing" which give the look of a ribbed sock, but actually is only a removed needle. I like the looks of it, but not sure if it gives me the thickness of sock that I am interested in. The only way to really find out is to knit a sock and see, eh?

I did try some real ribbing, too, and liked the look/feel of that, but have not tried it for a sock yet. The experimenting continues..........

Friday night, we went to see the movie "A Single Man", starring Colin Firth. Although sad with quite a bit of "angst" (usually a turn off for me), I liked it VERY much.

Saturday night fulfilled one of my Christmas presents by going to see the play RENT at the Overture Center. It had 2 of the Broadway production stars, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, who also were in the movie version as well. It was fantastic! The theatre was packed and it was a great experience........and yes, a "few tears" were felt rolling down my cheeks at the appropriate time. Thank goodness for my full beard now.......less cheek area to glisten with moisture before I could discreetly wipe them away. ;)

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