Thursday, February 4, 2010

"It's That Time of Year Again........"

Yes, it IS that time of year again. As some of you know, residents of Madison, WI are allowed to have 4 hens (no roosters!) within the city limits. Last Fall, we bought 4 pullets (young hens that are getting close to laying age), replacing the single hen we had. One of our 4 chickens began laying eggs on Monday, so we knew Spring was clearly getting closer. Chickens have to be "light stimulated" to lay eggs, so the days are definitely getting longer.

The really exciting thing though.......yesterday...... 4 EGGS!


John Toft Basketry said...

This brings back memories of when we lived in an English country village. My father raised chickens there from day-olds for eggs and meat.Holding the chicken to stop it running around after its head was cut off is one memory.

yardsnacker said...

Now that's an egg! Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...


I wont see my first batch until later in the year but I cant wait.