Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Drum Carding...."

I began carding some dyed Icelandic/Merino lambs wool on Sunday, completing all of it yesterday. The lambs wool is from "Gloria", a sheep on Dumgoyne Farm.

The 2 piles of washed/dyed lambs wool with an unfinished blended batt.

The batt is about 6" wide when it comes off of the drum.

The fiber is carded 2-3 times before it is a "finished" batt. This one was blended twice. I was processing each batt 3 times for this blend. The batt is "tore" into strips, opened up, then re-carded.

The washed/dyed fleece along with some finished batts. Don couldn't resist taking this photo after seeing how brightly the sun was shining n the front windows.

I am now tearing the batts into long "zig-zag" chains, pre-drafting the wool, and rolling the "roving" (using that term loosely) into "bumps". Spinning from these "bumps" will make the wool easier for me to spin. After this step, I will weigh all of it and see how many ounces I have. I think I will be spinning a "novelty" yarn with it. It has little pure color nubs in it, which I think it will make a nice texture when knit.

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