Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Recumbent Bike and Trike......"

Sunday afternoon, Don worked again with setting up his "body sock" on his 2 wheeled recumbent bike. (you can see the back frame on the rear of his bike)

Lonny came over to carry a 50# bag of laying mash for the chickens and a bale of wood shavings from our car to the chicken coop area for me. I was being a baby and didn't want to put the extra weight/pressure on my knees (both the replacement and the "bad" knee), so he was kind enough to do it for me.

Don had his trike out as well (planning to go for a ride a little later in the afternoon) and suggested to Lonny that he take a test ride on it. Unfortunately, Lonny's legs are a bit too long for the trike (and it is not easy to adjust that component), but he was able to cruise up and down the street somewhat satisfactorily.

In my opinion....a good shot of Lonny (I took the photo). :)

Sunday's job was to attach the Velcro tape to the fairing (windshield), which in turn, attaches to the Velcro that is sewn on the front of the body sock. In this photo, Don is getting the body sock in position so that he could pull it forward to see exactly where/how the Velcro should be attached on the fairing.

Unfortunately, it is mostly guesswork, since no instructions were included. Photos of how it is to look, yes, but nothing definite in where and how it is fully attached, etc.

An example of the attached body sock.......

In this photo, you can barely see the slit where Don's head will emerge from the body sock. It also has a zipper which will allow him to snug it up closer to his neck.

The body sock will be very taunt when attached. Don achieved his goal of attaching the Velcro on the fairing, but it needed to "set" for at least 24 hours, so the final installment of the body sock will take place (I'm "assuming") this coming weekend. Of course, it WILL be documented. ;)

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Randy said...

Some unsolicited suggestions . . .

I added the body sock 6 years ago and almost never ride without one. Got it to be more visible, but the added speed (~15mph top end) and comfort (summer shade and winter warmth) were unexpected BIG benefits. I always attach to the fairing first, then stretch over the rear post--have never tried it the other way, so who knows. I've found that I need a new sock at least every year (riding 3-5K miles per year). They tend to stretch out over time. They also fade a lot in direct sun.

Freeform fashions has been very responsive in providing socks in just about any spandex print you desire (if you're interested in more choices than are listed at easyracers).

I found that in winter, the only place I experienced painful cold was on my face, so I switched to a motorcycle helmet with a face shield (not a full-face as there was tooooo much fogging). Now I'm good to go, even in single-digit temperatures (probably colder, but it doesn't get colder here). I also hear better with the motorcycle helmet since the wind is out of my ears. I now use it year-round for these reasons, plus it provides a bit more protection for the higher speeds (50+ at times). One problem, though, was fogging on steep hills in extreme cold. I solved it by using a sawed-off snorkel. Dorky, yeah, but effective.

Also--very important if you want the sock to last--put some padding on top of the rear post and on the tops of your seat posts. I used hand towels held with duct tape. Very ugly, but out of sight.

I'd enjoy hearing any other solutions you find.