Friday, March 27, 2009

"Red River Photos, Grand Forks, ND...."

Maniphone and Jonathan sent these first 3 photos a few weeks ago. Grand Forks, North Dakota was being pro-active in preparing for any Spring floods. The city decided to add 2' of clay to the top of the dike which protects the city from the Red River overflow. Henry is shown in this photo watching the big earth moving equipment.

A view from the river side.....

We did not realize until seeing this photo, just how close Maniphone and Jonathan's house was to the Red River!! This was taken from their backyard!

Maniphone forwarded these photos of the Red Rivers daily progression from Monday through Wednesday of this week. The monument was erected in memory of the 1997 flooding of Grand Forks. The top horizontal bar on the memorial is the height the river reached/crested. Maniphone told me the dikes are higher than that line.

Expectations are of it to continue to rise. Grand Forks did have colder weather with snow, so hopefully, that will help slow the Spring melt and allow the river to stabilize.

Jonathan sent this photo of Thursday level, just a few minutes ago. I thought I might as well add it to the blog, eh?

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