Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Vernal Equinox continued....."

Laura enjoying a bottle of hard cider and a Stella Artois Beer for me. I had never had Stella until our Scotland trip.....ahhhhh the fond memories. ;)

Chatting, eating, and drinking.....what could be better? OH! The COMPANY!!! :)
Laura, dog True, me, Rob, and Andy.....

A "yes, I can sit nicely for my photo to be taken" shot.....

Rob philosophizing? :)

Gary, "The Fire Caretaker". He did a fantastic job.

We had a very enjoyable time just plain relaxing. That is Kuma behind me. He and True enjoyed all the attention they received, too.

Taken through the heat of the fire.......

It took many hours for the fire to burn down. Gary said in an email yesterday that he was outside until after midnight, sitting in the snow (small flakes started coming down as we left), watching the fire burn down.

Gary also broke out cigars. Horrid things in my opinion, but each to their own, eh? Andy "enjoyed" his for a VERY long time.......bringing his normal frugality to it, and "making it last". ;)

Thus ends my Vernal Equinox documentary. :) I hope everyone had as an enjoyable one as we did. WELCOME SPRING!!!!

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MollyBeees said...

What a wonderful tradition! There is nothing as calming and bonding as visiting around an outdoor fire.