Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Clouseau's Fleece and Yarn....."

You may remember seeing this photo of Clouseau, whose fleece I bought from Jacqui of Dumgoyne Farm. I am happy to say that I have spun some of his fleece, dyed it, and knitted it onto a shrug (short sweater) for Julie, my daughter in law.

This is the yarn after dyeing. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the dyeing process.

And this, is the finished shrug.

I had to go to Lakeside Fibers, one of our local yarn shops, to buy a button for the shrug. I asked Barb, who works there, to try it on so that I could have a photo of it being worn, rather than just lying flat. With the button attached, I'm "assuming" it will hang a little less I really know much about it though? No....... ;)

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MollyBeees said...

Perfect colors! Great project!