Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Across the Bike Path......"

The annual "burn" was conducted a few days ago. The neighbors on the other side of the bike path did their Spring routine of burning their back area of their yard.

They are very good about coming around the neighborhood and letting people know when they should expect to see smoke/fire, hoping that no one will call the fire department. They do get their permit to burn, but seems that many years someone in the neighborhood didn't get the message and the department was called. They try their hardest not to have that happen.

The blaze can be quite spectacular!

Fires are so mesmerizing........

Commander Rob was on the scene making sure all went as planned.......

As was Perry (holding the water bottle).

I believe this photo was taken from almost directly behind our yard.


Maniphone said...

Where else but on Gregory Street! Ah, I miss you all!

MollyBeees said...

We had two 'controlled' burns this year in my 'hood. Both were conducted on days with gale force winds. Both nearly burned down houses...and NO ONE called the fire department because they said it was CONTROLLED! :-) Finally the guys doing the burning called the fire department. I do so love me some neighborhood drama!
The flowers came from the folks I work for for Admin's Week. Sweet, no?
Hope you're feeling better!