Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Don's Birthday....."

Unfortunately, as I write today's blog, Don has spent the past night in the hospital "for observation and tests". He woke up yesterday feeling extremely light headed, making it hard for him to stand and/or walk. After calling his Dr., we drove him to Meriter Emergency Room, where we spent the afternoon and into the early evening hours. He was diagnosed as being "dry", meaning he was dehydrated, so was given 3 liters of saline. When this did not fully work, it was decided they would keep him last night for observation and some more testing. I spoke with him this morning, and it was NOT a restful night. I will be going up there at some point this AM, after elevating/icing my knee (which was his main concern yesterday because it was not possible for me to do so or take pain meds). So....... I am being a good boy and doing so before going to see him. ;)

The following photos are from last Saturday, April 25, which was his 58th birthday. I, along with our neighbor Rob, took him to the Monroe Street Bistro for dinner. After dinner, we came back home for Don to open his birthday presents.

A book on Mineral Point........we love that little town.

Historic photos of Madison..........

A story goes along with this present. We spent Thanksgiving with Don's relatives in Des Moines. A cousin brought out Templeton Rye, offering it to the guests. It is distilled in Templeton, Iowa and is not available anywhere but in Iowa and Illinois (after my asking around here in Madison and then searching the internet). I had a bottle shipped to me from a place in Illinois.

Notice the smile on his face......and Rob's, too. :)

A toast to the birthday boy!

I thought this was an exceptionally nice photo of Rob.


MollyBeees said...

Oh no! I hope Don is OK. Keep us posted, OK?

TTWriter said...

Best wishes to Don for a speedy recovery! I'm home with Jonas, Mike, so give us a call if you want company or help with anything (knee stuff, rides to the hospital, taking care of the chickens, making food, grocery shopping, etc.) We'd love to help! 238-6968