Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Yet Again Last Weekend....."

Our final deck visitors last Saturday were Tracy, Evie, and Bridget, our next door neighbors (green house in the photo). We had never, ever, seen Evie so subdued. She had just woke up and was still sleepy. She usually has more energy than I can even describe. :) Can you tell Copper loves children? :)

The following day, we took a ride on our trikes. Don spent all that time on Saturday, getting them ready for just this reason. :)

Our ripening cherry tomatoes......

Andy and Angela stopped by after our trike ride. You could certainly tell the sun was under cloud cover.....it got "chilly"!

While we were out on the deck, our neighbor from down the block, Krista, had stopped by. Her friends Cory and Ken, came looking for her and stayed for a time as well. You never know what to expect, even when just sitting quietly on the deck having coffee. :)

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