Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"It "WAS" All About Food....."

As in the title of today's "WAS" all about food....and it still is, although it "HAS" to become better choices for us. Not that I won't be making more ice cream, but perhaps a "less fattening" kind.

I used my new Kitchen Aid to make our first batch of ice cream....a French Vanilla. DELICIOUS!!! Of course, it should have been since it was loaded with heavy whipping cream and half and half. :) My next "experiment" with it will be perhaps making iced milk. :) The attachment is truly amazing. It churns the mixture all on its own, and with just keeping an eye on it occasionally, soon it is finished!

In this photo, it has just begun freezing......

The final product, which is like "soft serve". I put this back into the freezer to have it become more firm......

While the ice cream attachment was doing its thing, I made 2 single crust chicken pot pies. Our neighbor Anna was having foot surgery the next day, and we wanted to take something over for them that would be easily reheated. Michael is allergic to gluten, so I latticed the crust to make it easily removable for him. We heard later, that Anna enjoyed his crust with her portion. :)

I haven't yet tried using my mixer to make pie crusts, although I do plan on doing so. I'd already had the boxed "easy" crust in the refrigerator, and since it was a "2 crust" box, I made another chicken pot pie for Don and I. It was my first attempt at doing a lattice crust. I think they turned out rather well, even if I do say so myself. :)


Barb said...

You just can't stop weaving, can you? :)

How about sorbet in the Kitchen Aid?


MollyBeees said...

Look at you go! Martha Stewart would be proud. Better be prepared to give up some of that cooking time for spinning time once you get spinning! :-)

peaknits said...

You have to love Kitchen Aid - what a yummy attachment! And the latice - gorgeous!