Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"A Day for Visiting and Decks...."

While I was inside weaving, Don was busy cleaning the deck, getting it set up "for the season". Afterwards, it only made sense to sit and have our routine afternoon coffee out there. It was warmer than it has been and the sun helped with that feeling, thus our sitting down on the lower deck instead of our normal "upper level". :)

While we were out there, several neighbors stopped by to say hi. Perry, Lonnie and Charlie, Angela, Bill and Lisa, Kim and Brian, with newborn Ruby G. "Tis the season!" :)

We walked over to Andy and Angela's a little later to check on how the remodeling and redecorating has been progressing. The kitchen cabinets look fantastic, and the upstairs bathroom, although not quite done, is beautiful. The babies room is completely painted but not yet furnished. Angela and I are holding up a sweater I knitted for the baby. When I had gone over to check progress at an earlier date, I was surprised to see how closely the wall color (in my memory at least) matched the yarn color of the sweater I had given them. I guess my memory isn't all that bad, eh? :)

We had to check out the view and comfort of their deck as well. They had just had a huge Walnut tree taken down which would have been right behind Andy. The deck receives so much more sunlight now (although not while we were visiting) and of course, not having walnuts dropping down on one's head like baseballs, is a bonus, too!

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MollyBeees said...

I had to walk between buildings today and almost froze to death! Your desk must be sheltered from the wind. We don't have a walnut tree but we have squirrels that lug them over and bury them in our yard. Then Bentley the Dorky Dog digs them up and piles them on the back deck. He's nothing if not helpful, that Ben. Thanks for the tip on Rainbow Fleece. I may have to pop over there myself!