Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Finishing up with Rainbow Fleece Farm...."

I'm becoming more fascinated with the idea of learning to spin. I tried it last fall, but did not have a good experience, as I felt rushed while attempting it. I was also trying to spin on a 2 treadle wheel, which in my opinion, made it hard to concentrate on the business of feeding the roving to the wheel (my description, not the technical one). I "think" I would do better on a one treadle wheel, but I'm sure everyone would have an opinion on that. "Comments Welcome"..... :)

Anyway, back to the farm.....Hazel was demonstrating spinning on her Louet spinning wheel. Unfortunately, we missed her lecture, but we did get to talk and ask questions of her when we went in. The farmhouse had a true farm kitchen.....it was huge and had a wood burning cook stove, which thankfully, was heating the room quite nicely. It felt so good to come in from the cold and warm up next to the wood stove. In my opinion, there is nothing like wood heat.....

A view from the side yard. You can see some of the unshorn sheep in the background. I didn't ask, but made the "assumption", that shearing had been postponed due to the colder spring weather.

We saw only this one lamb as well (lying next to the sheep furthest away), possibly a Jacob Sheep. I say this only because it was spotted.

Don holding my tanned fleece that we bought for my weaving bench. The 1915 carding machine is just inside the open door behind him.

And to top off a wonderful day, Don took me to a post birthday dinner at Flat Top Grill, in Madison, which is where I wanted to go when we went out for my birthday, but would've had an hour and a half wait because we had a party of 8. With just the 2 of us, and the time we arrived, we were seated right away. I LOVE that place! CHEERS! :)

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MollyBeees said...

Look at you with HAZEL CARTER! Could you just die or what? I am just using one foot on my double treadle wheel right now and it's working out fine so if the second foot makes it feel too rushed, just use one. The most valuable 'training' I received was just a few minutes alone with the wheel and NO INSTRUCTION so that you can feel your own way and use rhythm and instinct. I also gained valuable insight from the folks at Wool Warp and Wheel (http://www.woolwarpandwheel.com/). They have free spinning lessons on Sundays! Once you get the hang of it, you'll be hooked. No pressure! :-)