Friday, April 11, 2008

"Later on Saturday......"

After coming home from going out to breakfast and furniture shopping with Penny and Sheila, we started "chores". My immediate one, was to try out my new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, using it to mix and knead our first loaf of bread. It turned out fine, "after a fashion", but the initial experiment wasn't done under "normal" conditions. It was mixed and then put into the oven for it to rise, where it sat, not thought of until much later. So....FINALLY remembering it and finding it risen past it's prime, I added more yeast, sugar, and flour, letting it again rise in the oven, which it did beautifully. Thankfully, the loaf was saved and I have since used the mixer to make 2 more loaves, 1 plain white bread, which turned out very well, and the 2nd, a cinnamon raisin loaf, that will need more experimentation for it to meet my expectations. :) The mixer is a beauty, isn't it?

I read a blog called Panopticon ( While reading it one morning, I saw that it had a store attached. Upon further searching, I found this tee shirt, "The Fibertarian", thought it was perfect for me, and ordered it. :)

The day was so beautiful, that we ended up outside most of the day. Copper was enjoying the deck with me.......

Rob came over and sat for a bit as well......surprisingly, in LONG pants and SHOES, instead of shorts and sandals!!!!

Here I am taking advantage of the weather to knit outside. This would be one of the reasons the bread was forgotten......

Don was very busy getting our bikes/trikes checked over. He also had bought a "fairing" for his 2 wheeled recumbent, which he installed that day as well. For those of you who are not current with our bikes/trikes, Don has 4 (2 regular/2 wheeled bikes, 1 recumbent/2 wheeled, and 1 recumbent trike), and I have 2 (1 regular/2 wheeled and 1 recumbent trike).

This day (with photos!) to be continued........

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