Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"My Birthday Dinner....."

We went to Pasqual's at Hilldale, their newest restaurant. We had only been to their place on Monroe (which is not far from us), and were pleasantly surprised to find they have actual table service rather than "order, take a number, and they'll bring it out to you". It wasn't our intention to go to Pasqual's, but the Flat Top Grill would've been an hour and a half wait for our group of 8. Since we had already parked the cars, we walked down to Pasqual's and were almost immediately seated....just the time it took to get drinks from the bar. :)

A group shot taken by our server: left to right.....Angela, Andy, Michael, Anna, Don, myself, Charlie, and Rob.

Rob was in a more talkative mood than usual. We all have agreed that Charlie was a saint that night........she took Rob in stride and let him talk, talk, talk. :) As you can see from the look of consternation on Don's face, Rob's conversation "might" have been a bit "out of the ordinary". Evidently, even more so than usual. :)

Michael and Anna....

Angela and Andy with Michael "acting up". :) That is "Ocean" (behind the red/black print) peaking through Angela's coat.

Andy disappeared a number of times and we found out later from Angela that one of those times he told our server it was my birthday celebration. Our server surprised me/us with this cake, and yes, the candle was lit.....but I take my wish making...... "seriously" :) Those from the neighborhood will understand the "seriously" pun......


Maniphone said...

Looked like you guys had a wonderful time at Pasqual's...seriously!

MollyBeees said...

Looks like you had fun. We have a Pasqual's in Verona but I've only been once. I never think of it.

The sheer volume of the stickers I've added to my new best friend actually makes it heavier than the 8,000# is normally weighs I think! :-)

TTWriter said...

Happy belated birthday, Mike!
Sara, Travis and Jonas