Friday, April 4, 2008

"A VERY Early Birthday Celebration!"

As some of you may know, yesterday was my birthday. Don surprised me with an EARLY..... VERY EARLY, candle lit cake, and informed me that I was to open my birthday presents from him BEFORE he went to work. :) His reasoning for this.....? We already had plans for after work to go to a going away party for a co-worker, and he didn't want that to "over shadow" my birthday. Is this man considerate or what? :) (except when it comes to taking photos of seems they are always taken "pre-shower"!) :)

While I was on the computer (as it is my normal practice to blog and email while he gets ready for work), he surprised me with walking into the sun room carrying this chocolate/raspberry cake with the candles lit. After my initial shock of the situation, I then made my wish, blew them out, and listened to his "plan" of the impending morning celebration. Was I going to argue against such a plan......NO! :)

This gift continues to give me pleasure year round. 3 years ago, Don gave me an iPod nano for my birthday, along with a years subscription to Thankfully, and with MUCH gratitude on my part, he has continued giving me a years subscription each subsequent birthday.

If this isn't a look of pure surprise on my part, I don't know what one would look like. I could not for the life of me, think of what could be in this long box! After seeing it, I do remember my "casual mentioning" (although heartily hoping!) of something he could get me for my is an attachment for my Harrisville Floor Loom. He is very good about helping me wind each warp onto the warp beam while I hold the tension on the warp, but this "Tensioning Device", as it is so aptly named, attaches to the back beam of my loom and allows me to warp the loom by myself (giving Don a break), by creating tension on the warp for me as I wind it onto the warp beam. Have I ever seen one in use, you ask? Of course not! :( Thankfully there are directions for its use, BUT.....the clincher is that it is designed to be used for warping the loom "front to the back", which I have never done, nor seen done, but have only heard about. I was taught to warp the loom from "back to front". "This old dog is gonna have to learn a new trick". :)

A new Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Mixer!!!! I have looked at these every time we go into a kitchen store or department and semi-drool over them. Each time I walk away saying we do not have room for one in our kitchen. I guess that we'll be making room for it.....AND ALL OF THE ATTACHMENTS THAT I RECEIVED WITH IT!!!!! :) I received the Pasta Maker, the Ice Cream Maker, and the Attachment Pack, which includes a Slicer/Shredder, Food Grinder, and Pasta Making Plates (makes different pastas than the Pasta Maker). It will take a little creative organization to place everything "just right", but I am looking forward to the challenge. :)

A photo of my "haul". :) Don has laughingly said that his "Theme" for my birthday was...."Buy Michael a kitchen appliance that will allow him to make more creative delicious meals for ME!" I DO believe that he is telling the truth, too. :)