Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"The Tomatoes Begin Ripening!"

For perhaps a week now, we have seen color beginning to appear on the cherry tomatoes. We haven't got one ready to pick yet, but they're getting close. It will be a photographed moment to be sure. :)
The tomatoes were "planted" (meaning their pods were put into the Aero Garden along with water and fertilizer) on Christmas Day, 2007. The instructions said we would be harvesting tomatoes by March 10, 2008. That hasn't happened yet, but I was thinking perhaps they were a bit slower to begin ripening because of where they are located, which is next to the back door. I suppose the cooler temperatures in that area of the kitchen could have slowed things down. Even though they will be a bit late, they certainly will taste good when we do harvest them. :)


MollyBeees said...

I saw that on TV and wondered if it worked! Of course it wouldn't work at our house. I have a notorius ebony thumb!

dale-harriet said...

I came to peek - and find mollybee! Am I knowing on you, Mike? 'Cause I bet I will soon, if she does - on account of 'cause I'm one o' those Madison knitterly types too (low on skill but very high on enthusiasm). LOVE the pix! And you know, I sometimes think it's "outre" to dig Homespun but my Lovely Daughter and I crank out shawls from it at a prodigious rate. Anyway - I'll be back!