Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Winding and Weaving...."

Much to my benefit, Mary, from whom I bought my Harrisville Loom, has been cleaning closets, and finding all sorts of "extras" that she has been passing along to me. She is one of Don's co-workers, so every once in awhile, he brings home these little treasures from her. Last week, she'd found some roving (another gentle "push" towards spinning, eh?) and yarn, some of which was in the beginning stages of a sweater, thus my rewinding it in the photo. This week, she sent me 2 books. One on tapestry and the other on rigid heddle loom weaving. Nice, eh? :)

I had woven Don's 2 sisters chenille shawls/wraps and was tying the fringe on the last one, which would be sent to Bonnie soon after this was taken. Heather had received hers first, but kept the "secret" very well, by not "spilling the beans" to Bonnie that she had one heading her way, too.

Here are some photos of Bonnie's, with Don as the "model". :) (It seems he gets roped into this role quite often, when neighbors are not available when the "photo shoot" begins)

Thank goodness he keeps his good humor.........

and does more than is expected/asked. :)

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MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous! You try spinning and I'll think about weaving! :-) There'll be lots of spinny goodness at the Alpaca Festival this weekend!